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China Remains the Driver, Demand and Price Recovery Seen Limited and Temporal
Abstract: Global metal surplus generated during Q1 2016 (492 kmton) was a third of the surplus generated in Q1 2015. Decline was possible as China’s overproduction declined more than...

Premiums will continue to fall, but are getting closer to equilibrium levels
Abstract: Aluminum premiums around the globe have resumed their decline driven by one major driver and its effects: LME Warehousing Reform...

Rallies Continue to Seem Unsustainable, Fundamentals Not Supportive
Abstract: Aluminum prices rally on short-covering. In April, LME 3M aluminum prices increased 10.4% m/m bolstered by fund short-covering triggered...

We Are Not Bullish As We Envision Surpluses Ahead in Alumina and Bauxite
Abstract: HARBOR now estimates that the global alumina market could experience a 0.4 million mton deficit in 2016 against earlier expectations of a 2.6 million mton deficit. The main reason behind this change is our forecast of faster growth in Chinese alumina production amid ongoing output re-starts.

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